Jan Seva Kendra

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How to Register?

To initiate the registration process for the Jan Seva Kendra portal, please follow these steps in a professional manner:

  • Access the Official Website:
    Begin by accessing the official Jan Seva Kendra portal by visiting the website at https://jansevakendra.org
  • Registration Option:
    On the homepage, you will prominently find the “Registration” option.
  • Form Submission:
    Click on the “Registration” option, which will open a registration form on your screen.
  • Complete Information:
    Within the registration form, you are required to provide a comprehensive set of information. This includes:
    -Full Name
    -Mobile Number
    -Aadhar Card Number
    -PAN Card Details
    -Shop Address
    -Your Desired Role (Retailer, Distributor, District Manager, )
    Select the specific role you aspire to undertake.
  • Submission and Payment:
    After meticulously filling out all the requested information within the form, proceed to click on the “Submit” button. Please note that there is a one-time registration fee associated with this process.
  • Payment Method:
    Upon clicking “Submit,” you will be directed to a secure payment gateway to complete the one-time registration fee payment. Please follow the on-screen instructions to make the payment using the preferred payment method available on the portal.
  • Post-Registration Communication:
    Following your submission, you can expect to receive a call from a representative of the Jan Seva Kendra within the next 24 hours. During this call, you will be provided with a comprehensive explanation of the subsequent steps and procedures involved in the registration process.

What is Retailer, Distributor, and District Manager, and their benefits?

What is Retailer? 

Retailer is a village level entrepreneur who promotes various services of JSK to the rural population and participates in rural development. He is mostly located under a Gaon Panchayat.

Retailer Benefits?

By becoming a retailer, you can provide all the services of Jan Seva Kendra to people near you on which you get attractive commission.

What is Distributor? 

Distributor work as motivators for a group of Retailer, who are mapped with him/her. He Guides them, Gives them training and inspires them to achieve their business objectives.

Distributor Benefits?

By becoming a distributor, you can create a retailer ID and give it to anyone across India, in which you will get a commission of up to Rs 1,000 for each retailer created and you get attractive commission on the transaction of each retailer created by you.

What is District Manager? 

Any business entity who would like to expand their business in rural india can associate with sahaj to become a business partner.

District Manager Benefits?

By becoming a District Manager, you can create a Distributor and Retailer ID and give it to anyone all over India, in which you will get a commission of up to Rs 10,000 for each Distributor and Rs 1,000 for each Retailer and attractive bonuses on the transactions of each Distributor and Retailer made by you. Get commission.

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